Anne  shares in the tradition of classical decorative painting. Her craftmanship has earned her an enviable reputation in Southern France, from Nice and Monaco to Toulouse and Bordeaux.



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Anne explains how a trompe-l'oeil can expand your home and how a panoramic can tell your life story. Click on the video below to see her studio in Southern France.

She has been experimenting with more contemporary trends. Thus she can advise you creatively whether your taste is classical or modern.


The basic fee for trompe l'oeil is $1000 per square yard. This may be negociated according to the size of the canvas and the complexity of the overall design.

The cost of sending a Canvas to the US may vary between $50 and $200. It will be specifically determined for each estimate. Please go to the Contact tab for more information.

A more complete view of the framed paintings with their prices can be seen on Galeries Anne Reymond - Artmajeur

2 -  About Trompe l'Oeil : Start the Video Below (press the "Voir" button)

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